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  1. It’s Not The End It’s A New Beginning

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  2. Experience And Personalized Service

    At Kathleen K. Reeves & Associates, we provide our clients with personalized, dedicated service backed by more than 30 years of experience.

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  3. Amicable Resolutions

    Attorney Kathleen K. Reeves is a certified mediator. Our team utilizes mediation, collaborative divorce and negotiations to avoid the cost and stress of litigation whenever possible.

  4. California Family Law Attorney

    From our home office in Pleasanton, we represent clients in Contra Costa County and Alameda County, California in all types of divorce and family law matters.

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  5. Helping You See The Big Picture

    Even the most amicable divorce is emotionally challenging. We can help you through this difficult time, to see the big picture and make smart decisions for you and your family.

  6. A Dedicated Team

    Our dedicated team of assistants and paralegals is an essential part of the service we provide. Our clients truly appreciate the care and personal service they receive from our firm.

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Kathleen K. Reeves & Associates

Certified Divorce Mediator Seeking Peaceful Resolutions

"Ending a relationship has enough emotional turmoil of its own. The legal process of divorce should not add to the stress any more than necessary. As a certified divorce mediator with more than 30 years of working as a family law attorney, I have learned that it is almost always quicker, cheaper and less stressful for divorcing couples to work out their issues through negotiations and mediation. The results are usually more perfectly tailored to a couple's individual needs with this approach, as well. If necessary, I can protect your interests aggressively in court, but I will always look to find a more amicable solution first."

Kathleen K. Reeves, Attorney at Law

Top 10 Client FAQs

  • 1. How Long Does A Divorce Take? California law states that there is a mandatory waiting period for a divorce to be final, of 6 months and 1day after the service of the Petition on the respondent. Your case may be finalized prior to that date, however, your marital termination date will not be before 6 months and 1 day.

  • 2. How Do I Know Whether Or Not I Am Legally Separated? It depends. The date is based on certain criteria that our attorneys can assist you in determining. It is an integral part of your case.

  • 3. Do I Need To Move Out Of My Residence Before I Can File For Divorce? You need to speak with our attorneys and discuss, in depth, what rights may be affected by your actions prior to filing.

  • 4. Am I Required To Continue Providing Health Insurance To My Wife/Husband Once The Divorce Paperwork Has Been Started? Yes. You must maintain your spouse on any medical coverage until a Judgment has been filed with the court.

  • 5. I Want To File For Divorce Before My Spouse Can. Do I Have An Advantage If I Do So? No. California is a no-fault state, which means that it doesn’t matter who files first, who wants the divorce, or why either side wishes to have one.

  • 6. I Live In California, But Was Married In Another State. Do I Need To File For Divorce In The State I Was Married In? No. If you, or your spouse, have been a resident of California for at least 6 months, and 3 months in your current county, you may file for divorce here. If you have lived here less than 6 months, you may need to file in your prior state of residency. Our attorneys will assist you in determining the appropriate jurisdiction for filing.

  • 7. My Spouse And I Are In Agreement With Ending Our Marriage. Can We Work With The Same Attorney To Complete Our Divorce? Our attorney is a certified mediator. In instances such as yours, she can assist the two of you in preparing the required paperwork to be submitted to the court, and provide mediation on any contested issues.

  • 8. I Have Been Told That If You Are Married Over 10 Years, I Can Receive Life Time Spousal Support. Is That True? No, not necessarily. There are many variables with regard to spousal support and the amount and length of receipt.

  • 9. I Have Been Told That The Court Always Sides With The Mothers When It Comes To Child Custody. Is That True? No, it is not true. The court utilizes Family Court Services mediation to assist parents in preparing a co-parenting schedule that is in the best interest of the children. Each child has a right to a relationship with both of their parents. At the Law Offices of Kathleen K. Reeves, we will meet with our clients to prepare them for the mediation process and assist them in determining a parenting schedule that will benefit their children.

  • 10. What Is The Age Limit That A Child Can Decide Which Parent He/She Wants To Live With? As long as the child is under the age of 18 years, they are still a minor, and as such, can not choose between one parent or the other. Even divorced and separated couples should support healthy contact with the other parent, for the child's emotional and developmental well being. Of course there may be situations where contact is not in the best interest of the child. Our attorneys can assist in determining if this is an issue.

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What My Clients Say

  • "Kathleen treats her clients with respect and works on their behalf at all times. It's great to feel that you have someone in your corner looking out for you when you go through a process like this. She not only knows the law, but she has a great style for reaching agreement and getting resolution." - Carson

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