Protecting Your Children Throughout the Divorce Process

For anyone facing a divorce, the children are the most important consideration. Any divorce can be extremely difficult for kids, so it's important to minimize the stress and conflict as much as possible.

At Kathleen K. Reeves & Associates, we do everything possible to protect our clients and their children. Kathleen Reeves has more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer representing clients Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, including Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin.

We use this experience to help our clients find efficient, amicable solutions designed to protect the children throughout the legal process.

Your Children ∙ Your Future

"When it comes to children in divorce, I tell my clients that custody or support is not about your rights vs. your ex-spouse's rights; they are about your children's right to have a safe and stable home life. Always acting in the best interests of our clients' children is our highest priority."

∙ Kathleen K. Reeves, Attorney at Law

One of the most important aspects of protecting the children is the legal process itself. While traditional family law litigation can be a contentious debate in the public eye, we try to find better means to resolve these issues.

Whenever possible, we resolve our clients' family law conflicts through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and other processes that avoid the excessive cost, time and stress of traditional divorce litigation. We can help you resolve issues of custody, support and other issues involved with children and divorce in an efficient, amicable process.

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