Protecting Your Financial Interests During Property Division

Dividing property is a significant concern for many people leading up to a divorce. Some people have concerns about whether they will lose that one or those two extremely valuable, personal items; others fear getting an unfair allotment of the resources amassed during the marriage. Others just want the legal process to be over so they can move on with their lives. Whatever your specific objectives in the divorce process, it is important to work with a lawyer you can trust, someone who will help you through the process and protect your interests in the division of assets.

At Kathleen K. Reeves & Associates, we can help you. With more than 30 years of experience serving clients in Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, attorney Kathleen Reeves and our dedicated staff work to help clients understand their rights and maximize the outcome of asset division through negotiations and litigation. We will work with you personally to determine your goals and create a plan that will help you get the outcome you need.

Property Division in California: Marital and Separate Property

California is a community property state, so the courts will make every effort to divide assets as close to equally as possible. There is some degree of wiggle room within this, depending on the specific assets and the parties' agreements over various assets to be divided.

We help clients through every step of the legal process. First, we categorize the assets as either marital or separate. Only marital property gets divided in the divorce process. Then we valuate the assets to determine what they are worth.

Once property is classified and valued, we begin the process of dividing the assets. Here, we almost always try to work out the details through negotiation, mediation or other non-litigious means. Resolving these matters out of court gives divorcing parties greater control over the process and allows them to come to agreement with minimal stress and contention.

"I have handled everything from simple asset division cases to the most complex, high-asset divorces involving inheritances, valuation of business ownership interests and hidden assets. I protect the financial interests of business owners, executives and other professionals. I can work with you to come to an asset division agreement efficiently and amicably. Conversely, if the other party is unwilling to negotiate reasonably, I will fight aggressively to represent your interests in the court."

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